What you need to know to partner with healthcare (including a new Oregon Resource Guide)

"A local public health clinic’s waiting room is packed every day.  Their staff have tight protocols to keep clinic flow moving and patients in and out the door, receiving care.  The clinic wants to start a partnership with your program. They know that intimate partner violence affects their patient population and they want to implement a best practice universal education based screening tool, because they heard that that is the best model.  They send key staff to complete the training with you and learn that best practice is to conduct the intervention and assessment alone with each patient.

Thanks to DV/SA testimony: Intimate partner violence recognized as a social determinant of health in Oregon

Thanks to an incredible response from OCADSV's membership, DV/SA programs across Oregon provided commentary and testified on Oregon Health Authority's request to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services in May and June of 2016. This led to inclusion of DV/SA services under the request (called the 1115 Waiver) to fund DV/SA services as it pertains to homelessness prevention, submitted to CMS on August 14, 2016. Every five years Oregon must re-file its Medicaid Waiver, received since the early 1990s.  This Waiver provides guidance for CCOs on how they can spend their money.