Ending domestic violence across Oregon

During a public appearance on September 30th, Oregon Governor Kate Brown took the time to refute some harmful myths about intimate partner violence, while also disclosing that she herself has experienced domestic abuse. We applaud Governor Kate Brown for her courage in coming out as a survivor of domestic violence and are grateful for her leadership on this vital issue.

Joint letter on importance of services for undocumented survivors

On August 5th, a joint letter was issued by three United States Departments reminding all recipients of federal financial assistance that they “should not withhold certain services based on immigration status when the services are necessary to protect life and safety.”

What you need to know to partner with healthcare (including a new Oregon Resource Guide)

"A local public health clinic’s waiting room is packed every day.  Their staff have tight protocols to keep clinic flow moving and patients in and out the door, receiving care.  The clinic wants to start a partnership with your program. They know that intimate partner violence affects their patient population and they want to implement a best practice universal education based screening tool, because they heard that that is the best model.  They send key staff to complete the training with you and learn that best practice is to conduct the intervention and assessment alone with each patient.