Safety and inclusion for all

Immigrants and refugees face a deepening climate of hostility and dehumanization; they are often targeted by harassment, threats, violence, and high rates of detention and deportation. Survivors may not report abuse for fear of legal consequences. People who have come to the US fleeing violence or persecution, and striving for better safer lives, are scapegoated and blamed for political and economic problems that have long existed within the US. People of color immigrants and those who are undocumented, as well as parents, transgender, queer, and disabled immigrants, are at especially high risk of exclusion, dehumanization and abuse. This of course includes countless adult and child survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

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Black Lives Matter

Today we invite you to make space in your hearts, relationships and your work, to acknowledge the pain and sorrow present around these killings. To acknowledge the fear and exhaustion that arises in relation to all the interconnected forms of violence affecting those we serve, love, are connected to, and indeed ourselves.

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Centering the safety and dignity of transgender and nonbinary people

We will not tolerate the language of our movement being used to support discrimination and violence.

Transgender people are experiencing increasingly high rates of scrutiny, harassment, and violence, particularly around access to public restrooms and other gender-specific spaces.

As recent protests at Target stores (including stores in Oregon) have made clear, even a simple statement of support for trans people can incite backlash in this climate of fear and ignorance. But we will not be silent in the face of injustice, and we take this calculated risk because we know that anti-violence organizations have a critical role to play in both advocating for transgender communities and responding to real concerns about sexual violence.