Thanks to DV/SA testimony: Intimate partner violence recognized as a social determinant of health in Oregon

Thanks to an incredible response from OCADSV's membership, DV/SA programs across Oregon provided commentary and testified on Oregon Health Authority's request to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services in May and June of 2016. This led to inclusion of DV/SA services under the request (called the 1115 Waiver) to fund DV/SA services as it pertains to homelessness prevention, submitted to CMS on August 14, 2016. Every five years Oregon must re-file its Medicaid Waiver, received since the early 1990s.  This Waiver provides guidance for CCOs on how they can spend their money.

2015 Fatal DV Report now available

The Oregon Coalition’s 2015 domestic violence fatality report, which provides demographic information related to the victims and perpetrators of fatal domestic violence incidents, is now available on the Coalition website. Last year, Oregon lost 60 people, an increase from 45 deaths in 2014, 34 deaths in 2013, and 55 deaths in 2012. Lane and Multnomah Counties each suffered eight separate fatal incidents in 2015, and thirteen other counties in the state experienced at least one fatal incident.

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Launching Cycle the WAVE Oregon

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (OCADSV) is proud to announce the launch of Cycle the WAVE Oregon (Women Against Violence Everywhere), a fully supported, non-competitive, all-women’s cycling event. This bike event is for cisgender and transgender women and girls of all ages and fitness levels to experience camaraderie, increase public awareness about domestic and sexual violence, and raise funds for survivors of domestic and sexual violence across Oregon.

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2016 DV Counts Census

The DV Counts Census Report tells the story of the amazing work that you do every day on behalf of survivors. The report highlights the need for more resources and funding. We use this report when talking to Congress about the need for federal legislation and funding and your state coalition uses this information with your state legislators. Many programs have also used the report to in their fundraising and communication efforts. Please read last year’s report here: (link is external)

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Safety and inclusion for all

Immigrants and refugees face a deepening climate of hostility and dehumanization; they are often targeted by harassment, threats, violence, and high rates of detention and deportation. Survivors may not report abuse for fear of legal consequences. People who have come to the US fleeing violence or persecution, and striving for better safer lives, are scapegoated and blamed for political and economic problems that have long existed within the US. People of color immigrants and those who are undocumented, as well as parents, transgender, queer, and disabled immigrants, are at especially high risk of exclusion, dehumanization and abuse. This of course includes countless adult and child survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

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