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Title Author Catalog number
Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations: A strategic approach Pynes, Joan E. BOOK453
Nonprofit sustainability: Making strategic decisions for financial viability Bell, Jeanne, Masaoka, Jan, Zimmerman, Steve BOOK452
Govern more, manage less: Harnessing the power of your nonprofit board Trower, Cathy A., PhD BOOK451
Taming the troublesome board member Kissman, Katha BOOK450
Navigating the organizational lifecycle: A capacity-building guide for nonprofit leaders Connolly, Paul M. BOOK449
Structures and practices of nonprofit boards Dambach, Charles F., MBA, Davis, Melissa, Gale, Robert L. BOOK448
The nonprofit board's role in mission, planning and evaluation Grace, Kay Sprinkel, MA, McClellan, Amy, MNO, Yankey, John A, PhD BOOK447
Fundraising responsibilities of nonprofit boards Greenfield, James M. ACFRE, FAHP BOOK446
Financial responsibilities of nonprofit boards Lang, Andrew S. CPA BOOK445
Legal responsibilities of nonprofit boards Hopkins, Bruce R. JD LLM BOOK444
Ten basic responsibilities of nonprofit boards Ingram, Richard T. BOOK443
On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life Ahmed, Sara BOOK442
Always my fault - A survivor's story Woodring, Jim BOOK441
Community Collaborations: Promoting Community Organizing Gittell, Marilyn, Price, Charles, Ferman, Barbara BOOK440
This Bridge Called My Back Moraga, Cherrie, Anzaldua, Gloria E. BOOK439
Domestic Violence and Firearms: A Model Protocol Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence BOOK438
Cultural Anthropology 10e Nanda, Serena, Warms, Richard L. BOOK437
Always my fault - A survivor's story Woodring, Jim BOOK436
1,352 Days: An Inspirational Journey from Jail to Joy Volo, Karin BOOK435
The half has never been told: Slavery and the making of American capitalism Baptist, Edward E BOOK434
Room 939: 15 Minutes of Horror, 20 Years of Healing Anderson, Jenny Lynn BOOK433
Domestic Violence at the Margins: Readings on Race, Class, Gender, and Culture Sokoloff, Natalie J. (ed), Pratt, Christina (ed) BOOK432
Joyride Olson, Gretchen BOOK431
Your Voice Matters: A Citizen’s Legislative Primer for Women’s Safety and Health. Produced by John Jordan-Cascade and Jennifer Inman, 2001. VHS102
Breaking the Silence: Journeys of Hope. Connecticut Public Broadcasting, 2002. (Spanish) VHS113