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FTE: Full time
Application deadline: Monday, December 5, 2016

ACYF would like to inform you about a Supervisory Family Violence Prevention Program Specialist, GS-0101-14 position that posted today in USAJOBS. The duties of the position include: 


•Serves as an advisor on complex matters concerning the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act to grantees.

•Provides management oversight and supervision of assigned staff including performance management and evaluation.

•Provides leadership for grant review and administration, monitoring and on-site program reviews, and program partnership activities to ensure deadlines and objectives are being met.

•Participates in assistance to the States, Native American Tribes, local communities and discretionary grantees, and State Domestic Violence Coalition to increase public awareness about the prevention and intervention of family and domestic violence.

•Reviews and evaluates domestic family or family violence prevention policy and program issues and initiates actions.


Here is the link to the announcement:


Open Date: 11/22/2016

Close Date: 12/5/2016  (or until the first 100 applications have been received, whichever happens first).