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City: Beaverton
FTE: Full time
Application deadline: Friday, December 2, 2016

The vision of SARC’s bilingual/bicultural Latina/o Case Manger (LCM) position is to increase access to confidential, sexual assault services, reduce barriers for Latina/o survivors and coordinate service delivery to better provide culturally relevant support services in Washington County. A successful applicant will be able demonstrate a compassionate understanding of the dynamics of sexual violence and how they affect the individual survivor and communities as a whole. Experience in assessing needs and collaborating with teens and adults to build trauma-informed plans that address their unique needs will be important as well as a talent for developing and maintaining a diverse group of community partnerships. Upon employment the LCM will participate in our mandatory 50-hour sexual assault response training. For the duration of employment the LCM will be supervised weekly by the Executive Director and work collaboratively across all programs to help assess, plan and implement equal access to all crisis support services. Supervision will cover crisis intervention, assessment, planning, resource linkage, peer education, and community collaboration in order to meet the needs of the survivors’ emotional, physical and social needs within a culturally appropriate context.