Tue 6/6/2017 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm
Cluster: Culturally-specific and -responsive services

The movement to end domestic and sexual violence has long been framed as working to end violence against women. And it's easy to see why — most survivors are women, and most perpetrators are men. But that framing can limit our ablity to see and serve survivors who don't fit that mold. In this workshop, participants will learn about alternative ways of understanding the role of gender in domestic and sexual violence, explore beliefs and attitudes about gender and power, practice responding to scenarios that challenge their assumptions, and generate practical strategies for implementing gender-inclusive practices from the development department to the shelter. 

Presented by:

Erin Rook
Erin Rook is a male and LGBTQ survivor of intimate partner violence who works in development and outreach for Saving Grace, where he has helped advance greater gender-inclusion across the organization — from administration to direct service. As a member of OCADSV's Queer Caucus, and board member for the Human Dignity Coalition, and a journalist working in queer media, Erin has raised awareness and advocated for LGBTQ survivors across the state and nation.