To help defray the costs of attending our annual conference, scholarships are available to coalition member programs in good standing.

As a benefit of Coalition membership, each coalition member program in good standing is eligible for a scholarship benefit to help defray the costs of sending their advocates to the Conference.

Each OCADSV member program's executive director or DV/SA lead program coordinator was sent an email in early March containing special coupon codes. These codes will allow up to two (2) people to register for the conference at no cost, with the third and subsequent registrants at a discounted rate (varies, based on date of registration).

Overview of benefits

Each attending member program may receive:

  1. Registration fee waivers for up to two (2) attendees from that program;
  2. Discounted registration fees for additional attendees from that program;
  3. Lodging reimbursement (not to exceed a total of $453.33 per program);*^
  4. Round-trip mileage reimbursement (at the federal rate of $0.535/mile) for one vehicle per program;*° and
  5. Childcare fee waivers for the children of up to two (2) attendees.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for scholarship registration is 5:00pm on Friday, May 5th, 2017. Registrations received after this deadline will be charged the late registration fees and WILL NOT be eligible to receive mileage and lodging reimbursement.

Registration fees waivers and discounts

Lodging reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement

The glorious fine print

Scholarship checks will be issued and mailed to each Member Program no later than three weeks after the Conference. Registrants attending on scholarship still need to pay up front for their lodging and transportation expenses.
Maximum lodging compensation available per Member Program is $453.33 (formula: $138 per night x 3 nights + 9.5% tax). Any additional expenses incurred will not be compensated by OCADSV and are the responsibility of the attendees and/or Member Program.
° Roundtrip mileage figures are pre-calculated based upon the shortest driveable route between Sunriver Resort and the address we have on file for each Member Program. We strongly encourage car-pooling whenever possible.

It truly takes a village to put on a successful conference. We are grateful to be supported by: