Hilary's internship ended in summer 2019. OCADSV wishes her well as she completes her MSW program!

Hilary is very excited to intern for the Coalition as a part of the MSW program through Portland State University with a concentration in Practice and Leadership with Communities and Organizations. Hilary has a BA from UC Santa Cruz in Community Studies and a Juris Doctorate from John F. Kennedy School of Law.

Hilary once thought she was well on her way to becoming a legal aid attorney but while studying for the bar exam she took her first job as an advocate with survivors of domestic and sexual violence and has never looked back! Hilary worked for 4 years as a shelter advocate at the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence in Corvallis, Oregon, before moving to Astoria, Oregon and joining The Harbor as their Director of Services. Both agencies are Coalition member programs and Hilary has always admired the work they do to support direct service DV/SA agencies in Oregon (editor's note: aww shucks, thanks Hilary! ). When not working or interning, Hilary can be found riding a tractor or collecting eggs on the small farm she and her husband have started at their home outside of Astoria.