Public testimony in opposition to Oregon Ballot Measure 105

This statement was published in the November 6, 2018 Oregon Voters' Pamphlet. The text is reformatted below for legibility.

Argument in Opposition

Preserving Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law is a matter of public safety, and it is essential for crime survivors’ protection, safety, and healing.

That is why crime survivor advocates are voting No on Measure 105.

Our public safety system and the communities they serve must be able to respond to crime, hold people appropriately accountable, and take steps to prevent crime. Throwing out our anti-racial profiling law would undermine these safeguards and compromise our communities’ security.

Creating safer spaces for our Coalition community

As an organization, the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence recognizes that oppression is a root cause of sexual and domestic violence. As such, actively engaging in anti-oppression work is vital to ending sexual and domestic violence. These principles are at the core of our organization’s mission and philosophy statements; individual and program members agree to these upon joining the Coalition and renewing their membership annually.

Acknowledging this, we would like to address a bias incident which was brought to our attention, involving several members of our community during a Coalition-organized event. This is not the first time racism and other forms of oppression have manifested in our spaces, and we acknowledge the harm this specific incident has caused. We’re writing today to reaffirm our commitment to anti-oppressive principles and practices, and invite you to join us as we continue to navigate this vital work.

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ACTION ALERT: Re-authorizing the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Forwarded from the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV):

We are calling on you today to help us ensure that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) gets reauthorized, with all of the new critical proposals that are included in the current reauthorization bill: housing protections, protection from abusers with guns, justice for survivors on tribal land and increased prevention funding.

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Moving forward from Charlottesville

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence is deeply saddened by the recent acts of violence perpetrated by white supremacists and their supporters in Charlottesville, Virginia. As an organization dedicated to ending violence and promoting social equity, we mourn the lives lost and injuries sustained while redoubling our efforts to support all survivors of sexual and domestic violence, including those from marginalized communities.

“Ally” is a verb; recognizing and interrupting oppression must be an ongoing process for all of us. We must call racism and bigotry by their names wherever we see them. We must hold accountable those people who are perpetrating these hateful acts of terror and violence. We invite you to lean in with us, especially when it is uncomfortable, as we work to build a more just, inclusive society.

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