Did you know your relationships affect your health? Advocates Support Health Systems and Survivors

By: Emily Fanjoy, Tillamook County Women's Resource Center

Domestic violence advocates are ideally positioned to collaborate with healthcare systems and providers by delivering supportive services that address the intersections of intimate partner violence and the social determinants of survivors' health.

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Be on the lookout for a series of upcoming webinars on advocacy-healthcare partnerships, starting with a review of the Oregon Guide to Health Care Partnerships on February 12th. Additional webinars in the coming months will cover specific approaches to addressing intersections of intimate partner violence and health, including:

  • substance use and chronic pain;
  • mental health and IPV;
  • reproductive health including HIV and IPV; and
  • LGBTQ health and IPV.

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What does leadership mean to you?

By: Renee Kim, MSW, LCSW, OCADSV Equity and Access Coordinator

In the world of domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, there are plenty of opportunities for leadership and sometimes your job title matches and other times not, what is most important is that you feel valued and respected for the job you currently hold at your agency.  You do not have to have the word director, manager, or supervisor in your job title to be a fabulous leader.  I define leadership by actions matching your words in the work place.  Many of us internalize messages we hear from our families, friends, and community around us to define ourselves and that can be either a positive or negative experience. If you identify yourself from a traditionally marginalized community you have other barriers to equity and access that are seen and unseen. 

Database Update: The Maple Leaf Has Landed!

By: Vanessa Willard, OCADSV Database Project Coordinator

We have crossed the finish line! We have reached totality! The Maple Leaf has landed! (Osnium is based in Canada)

As of December 14th, 2018, I am writing to inform you that our database has is ready to roll out. The customizations have been edited, tested, and mapped to the reports, and the reports are completed. Now comes the “WOW” moment where we start to see the fruit of our work come together to help our agencies in Oregon.

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