Addressing Intersections of Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Violence and HIV/AIDS

By Choya Adkison-Stevens, OCADSV Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

Note: this piece is the first in a series supporting advocates to work with survivors around sex, sexuality and sexual health. Future columns may discuss such topics as sexual trauma, sex work, reproductive coercion, kink, non-monogamy, and others. If you have question, ideas, or experiences you want to share, please contact Choya Adkison-Stevens; thank you!

“At double the national rate, 55% of HIV-positive women have been found to experience DV.”

Yoga & Vicarious Trauma

By Trisha Elizarde-Miller, OCADSV Executive Administrative Assistant
Trisha Fey Yoga, 200-hr RYT

Service providers can often undergo vicarious trauma, which may happen after hearing survivors talk about their traumatic experiences. Even though the service provider may not be involved directly in the survivor’s trauma, they may feel the same effects of the trauma that is being described to them.

Developing Critical Partnerships: Child Support & Domestic Violence in Oregon

By Meagan Schorr, OCADSV Sexual and Domestic Violence Program Coordinator

This summer and fall we have been busy building an exciting new partnership with the Oregon Child Support Program. This partnership has allowed for the opportunity to train Child Support staff on domestic violence and inform policy changes that better support customers of the Child Support program that may also be impacted by DV.

Beginning in the spring of 2017, the Oregon Child Support Program (CSP) and OCADSV began tailoring a training originally developed in Texas that focuses on the intersections of child support and DV.  Vera Poe, Policy Development Manager for the Division of Child Support, explains the project below:

The Gift of Peace

Starting on November 23rd, buy paper doves at any Jacksons Food Stores location to support the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence.

Proceeds from the Give the Gift of Peace Campaign benefit our public policy and legislative efforts to increase and improve services for domestic violence survivors. Check out our infographic to learn how your donations are put to good use!

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