On this National Day of Action, the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence honors and affirms the lives of trans women of color. Trans women, particularly trans women of color, experience violence such as harassment, assault, discrimination, and homicide at profoundly higher rates than the general population. In order to truly address the root causes and impacts of gender-based violence, we must commit to and practice centering the voices and experiences of those most impacted: trans women of color and all transgender people.

Take action

Recruit, hire and retain trans women 

Ensure your staff/coworkers know trans women are included when we speak about violence against women

Make sure your local/state elected officials know your position on trans dignity and inclusion

Petition local businesses that have single stall bathrooms to make them all-gender bathrooms

Donate to local trans-led organizing

Talk with 5 friends/family/colleagues about opposing exclusionary legislation, or any of these other actions

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