Dear community members, member programs, and partners,

In light of Oregon declaring a State of Emergency due to the COVOID-19 in Oregon, there has been a widespread concern across our communities. If you have specific questions about shelter support and direct service support in light of the virus, please do not hesitate to contact us. As we learn more information about the impact of Coronavirus in our state, we will provide as many resources as we can.

As of today, OCADSV trainings are continuing as scheduled. If you are unsure of whether an event or training is happening, feel free to contact the specific training contact that you have (often listed in your email), [email protected] or calling us at 503-230-1951.

We are grateful for all of the skilled dv/sa advocates across the state of Oregon for approaching this situation with grace and confidence. We uphold our survivor-centered approaches while also prioritizing the safety of staff and advocates.

We invite you to implement these practices:

  • According to Oregon Law, employers must give workers paid sick time (at least 1 hr for every 30hrs worked). 
  • If you are an employer, we encourage you to support your staff by sharing your paid sick leave policy as well as communicating to your staff to stay home if they are feeling sick. Share and/or revise your telecommuting policy to staff.
  • Emergency shelters: Routinely clean all touched surfaces in the center in common areas, provide disinfectant and info to all. Good old soap and water works with coronavirus for science-based reasons. Ask people to take extra precautions preparing and sharing group meals. Have food prep gloves and tongs on hand. (Adapted from sister coalition WSCADV).


We can support each other to remain calm and healthy through these preventative measures.

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