This month we will are featuring Casa Esperanza - NW Family Services! Read more about Casa Esperanza below!

What is your most memorable story serving members of dv/sa? What was memorable about it? Rewarding, challenging, inspiring?
It is a great challenge to help women who suffer domestic violence because there are many barriers that need to be removed. When they leave here and go to an apartment or rent a room it is a great step of independence for them.

What are the biggest barriers you feel like your organization encounters? 
Main barriers include: their legal status, lack of language, transportation, and getting a job. 

What are you excited about and proud of with your organization? What are some goals you hope to achieve?
One of the main ones is that the woman remains free from abuse. Learn to be independent and education in different areas in your life. For example: Learn about domestic violence, the effect on children, issues of self-esteem, formal education at school and connect it with resources in the community.

If your organization was a band, what band would it be and why?
Music Band with songs about Hope.

Longest employed staff at your organization

Name: Karen Duran
Title: Advocate
Number of years: 1 year
Your comfort food: Mexican dishes
Favorite quote: The best is ahead
What drives Karen: Compassion for families

Staff pet:
Name: Toffy, Toy Poodle