The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence strives to make our conference a family-friendly event. Sunriver Resort provides professional child care services (ages 3 through 12 only) for our conference attendees; OCADSV also subsidizes child care costs for Coalition member attendees.

Cost of child care

Child care + Meals provided during the conference = TOTAL COST OF CHILD CARE

  Child care Conference-provided meals TOTAL COST
Scholarship attendees
NO COST for your children NO COST for your children NO COST
Additional (non-scholarship) coalition member attendees
includes Member Programs, Individual Members, and Affiliate Members 
$150 per child
(all three days)
$75 per child
(all three days)
$225 per child
General public attendees $300 per child
(all three days)
$75 per child
(all three days)
$375 per child

Parent/guardian-attendees who bring their children (ages 3 through 12) to conference-provided meals will be charged $15 for each conference-provided meal ($75 per child for the entire conference). Children under 3 years of age will not be charged for conference-provided meals.

How to sign up for child care

Conference registrants may sign up for child care through the conference web registration form, and will receive a separate invoice for child care expenses. 

Adults and children ages 13+ who are accompanying a registered attendee at conference-provided meals will be charged $30 for each conference-provided meal ($150 for the entire conference). This will be payable at the conference check-in desk.