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Wednesday 1/17/2018 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

This introductory web conference will provide an overview to the 2018 PreventConnect series and review the fundamentals of a public health approach to preventing sexual and domestic violence. We will highlight emerging themes in the field and introduce the THRIVE framework to help identify underlying contributors of sexual and domestic violence. Guests will then highlight innovative practices that address these factors and discuss how to use the Spectrum of Prevention to create comprehensive prevention strategies.

HOST: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez,  PreventConnect and CALCASA

FACILITATOR: Alisha Somji and Morgan Croce, Prevention Institute


  • Identify fundamental elements of a public health approach to preventing sexual and domestic violence
  • Discuss emerging themes and innovations in the field
  • Review determinants of sexual and domestic violence using THRIVE, a framework and tool to address the social determinants of health at the community-level
  • Provide examples of effective primary prevention strategies using the Spectrum of Prevention