We provide training, research, and leadership promoting trauma-informed advocacy services for survivors of abuse throughout Oregon.

Anti-oppression and equity

We support our member programs with robust anti-oppression, equity and inclusion programming, including training, technical assistance, resource sharing, events, conversations and short-term workgroups.

DV fatality review

The Oregon Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (ODVFRT) is a multi-disciplinary team of statewide experts that reviews select domestic violence fatalities to determine what can be learned to reduce the likelihood of future fatalities.

Healthcare partnerships

The State of Oregon Department of Justice - Crime Victims' Services Division has contracted with the Oregon Coalition to provide training and technical assistance for the Safer Futures Funding Subgrant project.

Legislation and public policy

Every legislative session, we organize awareness day events at the Oregon State Capitol, testify at public hearings, and educate stakeholders on the issues surrounding domestic and sexual violence.

Specialized consultation

As statewide leaders in domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy/response, we are available to provide individualized, specific guidance and expertise on a wide variety of topics.

Statewide client database

Funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Human Services - Children and Families, we have evaluated several database software platforms as potential candidates for the electronic management of DV/SA client service data across the state.

Systems advocacy

Through participation in commissions, projects, task forces, committees, and collaborative efforts, the Coalition seeks to ensure that survivors' interests are represented in a wide range of policy- and decision-making spaces. 


In addition to our regional and topical trainings, we provide workshops to our member programs on an as-needed, as-available basis.