Upholding the rights and dignity of trans and gender-nonbinary people

Dear Coalition members, partners, and supporters: The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, alongside numerous local and national partners, is saddened by the US Department of Health and Human Services’s (HHS) efforts to characterize sex and gender as unchanging, inherently biological, and wholly binary. This proposal disregards the lived experiences and civil rights of transgender and … Read more

Advancing Gender-Inclusive Services

By Choya Adkison-Stevens, OCADSV Equity & Inclusion Coordinator Hey friends, Do you sometimes feel confused or overwhelmed by trying to keep up with evolving language and experiences regarding gender and sexuality? This article aims to provide some easy to understand information that will help ground our conversations about (and work to improve) gender-inclusive services. Note: … Read more

Centering the safety and dignity of transgender and nonbinary people

Dear member programs and community partners, Transgender people are experiencing increasingly high rates of scrutiny, harassment, and violence, particularly around access to public restrooms and other gender-specific spaces. As recent protests at Target stores (including stores in Oregon) have made clear, even a simple statement of support for trans people can incite backlash in this … Read more