Addressing Reproductive Coercion (Birth Control Sabotage) 101

Reproductive coercion is a form of domestic violence, where behavior concerning reproductive health is used to maintain power and control over a partner through an unwanted pregnancy or pregnancy outcome. Reproductive health is an important component of survivor’s ability to thrive. Advocates play a key role in helping survivors access needed health care and information. Learn how advocates can help survivors address their health and wellness needs.  

Participants of this webinar will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of domestic violence on reproductive health outcomes.
  • Know how to define reproductive coercion.
  • Know how to include assessment for reproductive coercion as a part of of DV advocacy services.
  • Identify next steps to integrate health services into DV programs.

Presented by Sarah Keefe, Health Systems Coordinator at the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.