Campus Response to Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

Do you work on campus, or with a community-based program that supports student survivors? Have you become aware of the complexity of campus response, and want to deepen your understanding? Utilizing three panelists from various institutional settings, this webinar provides an overview of campus systems, advocacy models and practices, related to intimate partner and sexual violence. The panel will address such questions as: What does advocacy mean on campus? What remedies may be available for student survivors? What is the campus climate around sexual violence?And how can campuses and community-based programs best collaborate in support of student safety, empowerment, and self-determination? There will be time for questions, and an opportunity to shape follow-up webinars on related topics.


Adrienne Graf, Portland State University

Judy Neighbors, Oregon State University

Rowan Frost, Reed College


Choya Adkison-Stevens, OCADSV