Rooting our Movement: Resisting institutional influence in our efforts to end gender based violence

The movement to end gender based violence has spanned across centuries, and until the last couple of decades it mostly consisted of volunteers and activists working against systems of oppression. As the movement has grown and funding has increased, so has our proximity to many of the institutions that make up these systems of oppression and contribute greatly to violence and inequity in our society, such as the criminal justice system and mainstream academia. Guided by two academic articles that address the impact that these institutions have on our work, we will discuss how our entanglement with larger institutions can be harmful to the movement and other efforts to address societal oppression. Recommendations for resisting the influence of these institutions while maintaining effective prevention and advocacy efforts will be provided. If participants want to read the articles that will be discussed prior to the webinar, they are available at the following links: Social Service or Social Change? Who Benefits from your Work? Paul Kivel (2000) The Braid the Binds Us: The Impact of Neoliberalism, Criminalization, and Professionalization on Domestic Violence Work (2016) 


Cost: Free

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