Has someone coerced or
forced you to have sex
or touched you sexually
without your consent?

Sexual violence is any nonconsensual sexual act, or any sexual act where "no" is not a viable option for any person involved (due to coercion, drug/alcohol use, physical or mental incapacitation, etc).

Sexual violence includes a wide range of victimizations, including rape or attempted rape. These can include completed or attempted acts generally involving nonconsensual sexual contact between the survivor and offender.

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Are you being threatened,
manipulated, or stalked by
a partner, roommate, or
another household member?

Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive and/or violent tactics perpetrated by one person against a family member or intimate partner, with the goal of establishing and maintaining power and control over that person.

Domestic violence can happen in all kinds of intimate relationships, including married couples, people who are dating, couples who live together, people with children in common, same-sex or gender-nonconforming partners, people who were formerly in a relationship with the person abusing them, and teen dating relationships.

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Sexual assault and domestic violence can happen to anyone.

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If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

Crisis hotline Business Counties served
Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center / Sexual Assault Support & Help For Americans Abroad 866-879-6636 503-203-1444
Battered Persons' Advocacy 541-673-7867 541-957-0288 Douglas
Bradley Angle 503-232-1528 Multnomah
Call to Safety (formerly Portland Women's Crisis Line) 503-235-5333 503-232-9751 Multnomah
Canyon Crisis Center 503-897-2327 503-897-2327 Marion
Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence 541-754-0110 541-758-0219 Benton, Linn
Center for Hope and Safety 503-399-7722 503-378-1572 Marion, Polk
Clackamas Women's Services 503-654-2288 503-655-8600 Clackamas
Community Works / Dunn House 541-779-4357 541-779-2393 Jackson
Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians - 541-888-7516 Coos, Lane
Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde - Domestic Violence Program 971-832-0730 503-879-1660 Polk, Yamhill
Confederated Tribes of Siletz - CARE Program - 541-444-9679 Lane, Lincoln
Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation - Family Violence Services 541-429-7045 541-429-7045 Umatilla
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians - Adult & Family Services 541-677-5575 Douglas
Domestic Violence Resource Center 503-469-8620 503-640-5352 Washington
Domestic Violence Services Inc. 800-833-1161 541-276-3322 Morrow, Umatilla
El Programa Hispano Católico - Project UNICA 503-232-4448 503-688-2630 Multnomah
Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Services 503-988-6400 Multnomah
Harney Helping Organization for Personal Emergencies 541-573-7176 541-573-2726 Harney
HAVEN From Domestic and Sexual Violence 541-298-4789 541-296-1662 Gilliam, Sherman, Wasco, Wheeler
Heart of Grant County 541-620-1342 541-575-4335 Grant
Helping Hands Against Violence, Inc. 541-386-6603 541-386-4808 Hood River
Henderson House 503-472-1503 503-472-0244 Yamhill
Illinois Valley Safe House Alliance 541-592-5332 Josephine
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization 503-234-1541 Multnomah
IMPACT NW - Parent Child Therapeutic Services 503-721-6776 Multnomah
Klamath Tribal Administration - Social Services 541-783-3682 541-783-2219 x148 Klamath
Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services - 541-882-1487 Klamath
Lake County Crisis Center 541-947-2449 541-947-2498 Lake
Los Ninos Cuentan 503-974-9882 Clackamas
Marta's House / Klamath Crisis Center 541-884-0390 541-850-8939 Klamath
MayDay, Inc. 541-523-4134 541-523-9472 Baker
My Sisters' Place 541-994-5959 541-574-9424 Lincoln
Native American Youth and Family Healing Center 503-318-5213 503-288-8177 Multnomah
New Beginnings Intervention Center 800-850-4838 541-576-3009 Lake
Oasis Shelter Home 541-247-7600 541-425-5238 Curry
Project Dove 541-889-2000 541-889-6316 Malheur
Raphael House of Portland 503-222-6222* 503-222-6507 Multnomah
Russian Oregon Social Services (Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon) 503-777-3437 503-777-3437 Multnomah
SABLE House 1-866-518-0284 503-623-6703 Polk
Safe Harbors 541-426-6565 541-426-4004 Wallowa
SAFE of Columbia County 503-397-6161 503-397-7110 Columbia
Saving Grace 541-389-7021 541-382-9227 Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson
Self Enhancement, Inc.- Domestic Violence Program 503-285-0439 Multnomah
Sexual Assault Resource Center 503-640-5311 503-626-9100 Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington
Sexual Assault Support Services 541-343-7277 541-484-9791 Lane
Shelter From the Storm 541-963-9261 541-963-7226 Union
Siuslaw Outreach Services 541-997-4444 541-997-2816 Lane
The Harbor 503-325-5735 503-325-4962 Clatsop
Tillamook County Women's Resource Center 503-842-9486 503-842-5168 Tillamook
Victims of Crime Services - Warm Springs Reservation 541-553-1171 541-553-2293 Jefferson
Volunteers of America - Home Free 503-771-5503 503-239-3929 Multnomah
West Women & Children's Shelter (Salvation Army) 503-224-7718 503-224-7718 Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington
Women's Crisis Support Team 541-479-9349 541-476-3877 Josephine
Women's Safety & Resource Center 541-756-7000 541-888-1048 Coos
Womenspace 541-485-6513 541-485-8232 Lane
YWCA of Greater Portland 503-294-7400 Multnomah

In addition to the community-based nonprofit advocacy programs and shelters listed above, most prosecutors offices, some police/sheriff departments, and a few parole/probation offices operate victim assistance programs (VAPs).

Victim assistance programs offer:

  • support to victims of crime with navigating the criminal justice system;
  • assistance with applying for state crime victims compensation; and
  • referrals to other service providers in the community.

VAPs generally provide services to victims of crime in relation to criminal cases that are being prosecuted by the state. They do not generally provide support in relation to civil legal proceedings (e.g. divorce, protective orders petitions, civil lawsuits).

Victim assistance programs ≠ Community-based advocates

Victim assistance programs (VAPs) operate within a prosecutor's office or law enforcement agency. As such, communication between survivors and VAPs is not protected by legal privilege and may not necessarily be confidential. Information may be shared between VAPs and prosecutors/law enforcement.

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The Oregon Coalition staff makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information listed here is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, we do not directly oversee or manage the organizations listed here. Thus, any information and services offered are subject to change.

This page is a work in progress and is updated on an ongoing basis. If you find any inaccuracies, omissions, wrong numbers, or have any suggestions to make this a more useful resource to survivors, please contact us.

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Not sure who to call?

National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-7233
National Sexual Assault Hotline (800) 656-4673
Suicide / Mental Health Hotline (800) 273-8255
Alcohol / Drug Crisis and Referral Line (800) 923-4357
DHS Child Abuse Hotlines Click here for a list by county
(link to external website)
Elder Abuse Hotline (800) 232-3020