Queer Caucus

Queer Caucus meets monthly via conference call and/or video conference (with option to attend in person at our office, as well). Intentions include to:

  • Create space for peer support for LGBTQIA advocates across Oregon
  • Survive and combat oppressions faced by queer people, centering rural, immigrant, criminal justice involved, POC and trans women’s experiences
  • Address how intersecting oppressions contribute to a disparity of services within systems
  • Support development and improvement of services for queer survivors
  • Develop responses to organizational and systemic transphobia and homophobia
  • Promote a vibrant grassroots network of individuals aligned with our mission

Advocates or others doing work that intersects with domestic, sexual or gender-based violence, who fit any part of the LGBTQIA spectrum, are invited to contact Meagan Schorr, our Sexual and Domestic Violence Program Coordinator, to get involved.

For more information about the Queer Caucus, please contact:

Meagan Schorr, MPH, CHES
OCADSV Sexual and Domestic Violence Program Coordinator
(503) 230-1951 ext. 300