Anti-oppression and equity

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence supports our member programs with robust anti-oppression, equity and inclusion programming. This includes training, technical assistance, resource sharing, events, conversations and short-term workgroups. We also host the following ongoing workgroups; anyone concerned with racial equity in the DV/SA advocacy field in Oregon is invited to contact us for more information regarding meeting times and membership.

Work groups and caucuses

Communities of Color Task Force (CCTF) >>

The purpose of CCTF is to generate community awareness, response, and commitment – through prevention, education, advocacy, and leadership – to all domestic and sexual violence survivors of color throughout the state of Oregon, regardless of citizenship or legal status.

People of Color (POC) Caucus >>

The People of Color (POC) Caucus gathers with the purpose and intention to create and promote camaraderie and collaboration between advocates and preventionists of color across the state of Oregon; cultivate collective knowledge and best practices through shared leadership; and promote leadership development and mentorship for advocates and preventionists of color to access positions of power. 

Queer Caucus >>

The Queer Caucus will gather LGBTQIA advocates across Oregon for regular meetings, peer support, and collaborative projects to further our work. 


  • Advocacy services for incarcerated survivors
  • Anti-oppression train-the-trainer

Prevention Through Liberation >>

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, in collaboration with Oregon Health Authority, has launched the Prevention Through Liberation grant project. Funds will be awarded to culturally-specific and -responsive sexual violence prevention projects to enhance prevention efforts in Oregon anti-violence programs. Prevention Through Liberation-funded programs will receive support in developing well-informed theoretical frameworks, implementing promising prevention practices, and adopting robust evaluation methods. These capacity-building activities and resources will support grantees as they continue to grow their prevention efforts into the future. The Coalition will make many of these resources available to all Coalition member programs, as part of our efforts to support the growth of sexual violence prevention programs throughout Oregon.

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