2023 Annual Conference Registration

Join us for the **OCADSV 2023 Annual Conference: Inspiring Creative Explorations**!

This conference will ignite your imagination and push the boundaries of creativity in the movement to end gender based violence. This in-person conference will begin Mon Oct 30 at 8am PST** at the beautiful Sunriver Resort.

With a lineup of exceptional speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions, this conference is designed to inspire and engage attendees who hold a variety of roles and identities, from the leadership and advocates of our member programs to community partners and agencies who work with survivors.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere to exchange ideas and explore new paths to healing from interpersonal violence.

Our goal is to foster a supportive community that encourages collaboration and celebrates diversity.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your horizons and unleash your creativity. Mark your calendars and get ready to be inspired to explore innovative solutions at the OCADSV 2023 Annual Conference.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Don’t wait to register! The cost of registration will gradually increase as the conference approaches, so don’t delay.

Curious if your program is considered a member program of the Oregon Coalition? Learn about our members here.

We have over 20 workshop sessions currently being scheduled that will provide skills to develop and expand on advocate and leadership skills in community-based advocacy agencies.

This year’s conference will not only be a space to discuss strategies to better serve Oregon’s survivors from the perspective of both violence prevention and sexual/domestic violence intervention. It will also be a space to engage with our communities in a way that prioritizes collective rest and restoration from profound burn-out that is experienced by anti-violence professionals across the field.

We are excited to provide this space to support the education, networking, health and wellness of advocates, directors, and community members.

This year, we are excited that one of our presenter teams, Perla Estrada and Yolanda Magana with EPHC Unica will be hosting a community Día De Los Muertos altar throughout the conference to honor those who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

This altar will be open to anyone who would like to contribute to it, placed near our registration table in the Homestead Gallery, and we will have information available for those who would like to learn more about the practice of celebrating the Day of the Dead.

Monday Evening Reception 4:30pm-6:00pm

Monday after our workshop sessions, we will hold an informal reception space where attendees can connect and enjoy light refreshments.

Alcoholic drinks will be available for sale through Sunriver in this space, it will not be provided by OCADSV.

No RSVP required.

BIPOC Dinner 5:30pm – 7:00pm

At our Annual Conference, OCADSV hosts a dinner for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to discuss and celebrate the unique challenges and contributions for and by communities of color in Oregon’s anti-violence community.

This is a closed space for those who identify as BIPOC and is available to those who RSVPed on their registration.

Image of sunriver resort lodge

Registered for our conference? Don’t forget to arrange lodging with Sunriver for discounted rates. Sunriver is offering OCADSV Conference Attendees guest rooms at $120/night, deposit is refundable 21 days prior to the event.

Monday, October 30th – Wednesday, November 1st

Sunriver Lodge, Sunriver, Oregon
Per diem lodging rates per night: $120 plus 9.5% lodging tax
To learn more about Sunriver, visit their website here
For lodging reservations call: 855.420.8206

Book your room online

Executive Directors of OCADSV member programs have received a scholarship code that can be used for up to TWO staff people to attend, learn more about what our scholarship offer covers on the page below.

Sunriver is no longer able to provide childcare like in past years. They have recommended the excellent service, Snappy Sitters, please reach out to them or any other childcare option that you are comfortable with. As with lodging, we ask that attendees make their own childcare arrangements.

Scholarship attendees who will need childcare, please check out this page on scholarship information about how we can help make attending with children accessible.

To keep our conference safe and accessible for all to attend, we ask that attendees review and agree to abide by our community agreements while at the conference. These are available at the time of registration or you can read about them below.

If you no longer wish to attend for any reason after registering, please know that less than 30 days before our conference we are only able to provide a 50% refund. More than 30 days before our conference (Prior to Friday, September 30th) we are able to provide a 90% refund.

If you cancel your registration with us, that does not cancel your lodging with Sunriver. Their rooms fall under a different refund policy listed below for your convenience.


“Due to the location of our Hotel we rarely have “walk-in” guests or short-term reservations, such as is the case in many commercial or city hotels. When a guest arrives late or departs early, our ability to resell these accommodations is minimal. We have already scheduled Hotel employees, and in many cases turned away other guests, so our loss is much greater than the anticipated revenue outlined in this agreement.

The entire length of stay in a guestroom or suite will be billed to the master or individual account for each guest who cancels less than 21 days prior to arrival. A guest who checks in and then departs prior to their confirmed departure date will be charged for the unused balance of their stay. A confirmed guest who fails to arrive on their scheduled arrival date will be considered a “no-show” and their entire reservation will be canceled and charged for the balance of their stay. Any room night charged as such will be credited to Group’s total pickup numbers.”

We have been informed that some folks who have registered for our conference have been receiving messages that say they are from us that seems… off. If you receive a message that you think may not be from us, it is possible that this email you received is either spam, or a scam called “phishing” to collect personal information. They may use different language from one another, but they have some similarities in common in that they:

  • Are not from an @ocadsv.org or @classactevents.com email address. All of our official emails will come from either coalition staff or our conference coordinators at Class Act Events
  • Are offering a “quote” for some kind of list, roster, or other list with a large amount of individuals’ information.
  • Trying to get you to download something or enter personal information
  • Have very little or vague information about what they are emailing about. For example one of these emails may read as: “Let me know if you are interested so that I can provide you quote and additional details” with no other context
  • Their messaging is not aligned with OCADSV values expressed in our mission statement

If you receive an email like this, most email providers have an option to “mark as spam”, which will then report it to your email service to take care of. This will also flag the email to redirect similar ones to your spam folder. Do not click on any links that you suspect may be from a spam account.

If you aren’t sure if a message you’ve received from us is really from us, feel free to email us at info@ocadsv.org and we will be happy to confirm.

To learn more about spam emails click here

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Chart of registration fees as they change over time.
Early bird registration ends August 4th: General public, $375; Member Programs, $300; Member Programs (Scholarship), $0; Students (Student ID Required), $275.
Regular Registration August 4th-September 16th: General Public, $400; Member Programs, $325; Member Programs (Scholarship), $0; Students (Student ID Required), $300.
Late Registration begins September 16th: General Public, $425; Member Programs, $350; Member Programs (Scholarship), Scholarship Registration Closed; Students (Student ID Required), $325.