Supporting Undocumented and Immigrant Survivors: A Tip Sheet for Advocates

Increased support is needed for these communities because recent anti-immigrant sentiment, racist commentary, harassment and physical attacks have shaken our communities. Immigrants – especially undocumented people and people of color – may have intensified trauma exposure and urgent safety needs.

  1. Increased support is needed because…
  2. Undocumented and immigrant survivors of sexual and domestic violence are at heightened risk of…
  3. Advocates can help by…
    1. Using trauma-informed care
    2. Using simple safety planning
    3. Supporting safety planning with kids
  4. Planning tools (links)
  5. Ways organizations can support advocates
  6. Additional resources (links)
Domestic violence services for survivors of
Immigrant and refugee communities
Sexual assault services for survivors of
Trauma vicarious
Author / Source

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

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