Jenna Cohan, she/her
Sexual and Domestic Violence Program Coordinator

Jenna comes to the Coalition from a member agency in rural north-central Oregon, where she led the sexual violence program. While there, she worked directly with survivors and was especially passionate about bringing trauma-informed and equitable services to youth, Spanish-speaking and Native American communities, people who experience mental health challenges, and those who are incarcerated.

In addition to providing direct services, she supported advocates and worked with a multitude of multi-disciplinary groups on local and state levels. Originally from Arizona, Jenna received her Bachelors Degree in Social Science, with a minor in community health from Portland State University. She is passionate about exploring how violence intersects with other important parts of our lives, partnering with engaged and diverse folks from different fields to work toward a world without violence, and finding spaces for joy and humor in bleak times.

She is excited to collaborate with member programs, and is continually inspired by the beauty, strength and creativity that she sees in advocates and survivors around the state. Outside of work, she is most likely to be found talking to animals and/or plants, enjoying friends and family, and going on little adventures that almost always include food and views.