Vanessa Willard, she/her
Coalition Database and Technology Administrator

Vanessa Willard loves to make data tell a story. From her early days earning her Bachelor Degree in Music she has always been drawn to all of the different possibilities that computers brought to individuals and organizations. Combining her creative and analytical sides has allowed her to think outside of the box in setting up databases for four different nonprofit organizations. Using databases, she has enabled these organizations to manage membership & event registration, to track donor giving & grants, and to onboard and recruit volunteers. With OCADSV, she headed up the team that customized and rolled out Osnium for our members. Drawing from her early background in teaching, she loves training and helping others learn how to conquer new software and is often found helping members on the phone with their questions about Osnium. On a personal level she loves music, reading, and her partner Sylvia and their Himalayan kitty Paris.