Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) advocate workgroup

PREA Advocates Workgroup draws together community-based advocates doing Prison Rape Elimination Act work with detention/corrections systems. This group provides a safe space and peer support for hard conversations on collaborating with incarceration systems and supporting survivors who are incarcerated. Group members have foundational training in PREA work, and agree to bring their experience and expertise to share with and benefit fellow advocates.

The group meets monthly by phone for one hour. To join, advocates are invited to write a brief statement of interest and submit to the coordinator; new members are invited to join after the group reviews each interest statement.

For more information about the PREA Workgroup, please contact:

Meagan Schorr, MPH, CHES
OCADSV Sexual and Domestic Violence Program Coordinator
(503) 230-1951 ext. 300