FAQs Immigration Enforcement and Victim Services Programs

This Frequently Asked Questions document by Grace Huang from the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence highlights:

  1. Do immigration agents regularly try to detain individuals at victim services programs? 
  2. What should we do if immigration agents come to our building or facility? (and how do VAWA, VOCA, FVPSA protect our facilities)
  3. What types of policies and protocols should victim service programs have? 
  4. What should we do if ICE detains a program participant with dependent children? 
  5. Could our program be charged with violating the law if we do not grant immigration authorities access to the building?  
  6. What if a program participant is detained in or near our facility? 
Best / promising practices
Crisis hotline services
Immigrant and refugee communities
Laws and regulations
Author / Source

Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence

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