The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey: 2010-2012 State Report

Note from OCADSV: This CDC report contains national and state-level statistics for the reported population prevalence rates of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The stats contained in this report can be helpful for programs as a reference and resource in your public education and awareness-building efforts.

From the Executive Summary: 

Sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence are important public health problems that have an enormous and long term physical and mental health impact on victims. These types of violence often occur early in the lifespan of victims, and for most subtypes, women and racial and ethnic minorities are most affected. While our knowledge about sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence victimization has improved over the years, we still lack information on state-level prevalence estimates and the characteristics of the violence (e.g., type of perpetrator) at the state level. State-level data are important because they help to understand the burden of these problems at the state level and can inform state efforts to prevent and respond to these problems. This is the first report to offer this information at the state-level. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) is an ongoing, national random-digit- dial (RDD) telephone survey on sexual violence (SV), stalking, and intimate partner violence (IPV) victimization. Data, representative of the U.S. non-institutionalized adult population, are collected from the non-institutionalized English- and Spanish-speaking U.S. population aged 18 or older using a dual-frame sampling strategy that includes landlines and cell phones. NISVS provides national and state-level estimates of these types of violence, collecting data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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