A book can be a window to the world or a mirror into one’s self. Young Adult Literature, or YA Lit, consists of books with teen readers and teen topics in mind. These books have become so popular that it is customary for them to have their own bookstore and library sections. They allow readers to look out into the experiences of other youth, or deeper into themselves while exploring a myriad of topics, such as sexual violence. 

#SVYALit is a campaign that was started by the Teen library toolbox in 2014. They partner with library commissions to actively promote reading lists on topics including sexual violence, trauma, abuse, consent, and sexualtity. NPR has named this project as a useful tool for parents and guardians to further engage adolescents in topics surrounding SV.  

Reading sex-positive books helps to dispel rape myths, combat rape culture, present realistic and age relevant SA situations, present scenes in which consent asked for and given or denied and present healthy relationship framework. For many young adults, a book may be the first place they are able to see sex and consent within a tangible and self-relevant context. 

These book lists can be promoted by SV programs in collaboration with library commissions, schools, parents, youth programs and youth centers as a new and exciting form of outreach. 

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About the author

Tegan Stuart
Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
Tegan Stuart was an intern with OCADSV during the summer of 2018. She is in her fourth year of undergraduate studies at Saint Mary's College of California, although she was raised in Vancouver, Washington. She became interested in domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy after working with the Student Coalition Against Abuse and Rape (SCAAR) on her campus. In early 2018, she was awarded a community engagement award for her work with the women’s resource center on her campus. Tegan believes that SA and DV harm everyone in a community. While studying Allied Health Science and Creative Writing now, she hopes to go on to receive a Masters in Public Health with a concentration of Maternal and Child Health after she graduates. Tegan enjoys creating digital art, reading young adult fiction, and performing spoken word. Tegan's internship with the Coalition ended in August 2018. We wish her well as she continues her undergraduate studies!