Brenda Tracy: 2017 Visionary Voice Award Recipient

The feeling of jubilation around our office was palpable when we first learned that the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) had accepted our nomination of Brenda Tracy for the Visionary Voice Award.

Since coming forward publicly in 2014 as a survivor of a brutal gang-rape, Brenda has been a force of nature. She has traveled to numerous universities across the country, sharing her story and inspiring an entire generation of student-athletes and their coaches to #SetTheExpectation against sexual violence. She has testified in favor of extending the criminal statute of limitations for sexual offenses, advocated for reducing the backlog of sexual assault forensic examination kits, and pushed colleges and universities to hold violent student-athletes accountable

On behalf of our member programs, board of directors, and staff, we congratulate Brenda on being named a Visionary Voice; her work is bringing justice and safety to our state and country.

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