Database Update: The Maple Leaf Has Landed!

By: Vanessa Willard, OCADSV Database Project Coordinator

We have crossed the finish line! We have reached totality! The Maple Leaf has landed! (Osnium is based in Canada)

As of December 14th, 2018, I am writing to inform you that our database has is ready to roll out. The customizations have been edited, tested, and mapped to the reports, and the reports are completed. Now comes the “WOW” moment where we start to see the fruit of our work come together to help our agencies in Oregon.

What does this mean for you?

If you signed up for the database:

  • You will receive an email from Osnium soon with instructions for installing Microsoft SQL and the Osnium database software. You will also receive your “Site ID” which is your license that only you and Osnium will know.
  • If you need assistance with installation, appointments with Osnium can be made starting January 7th through January 25th.
  • The week of January 28th we will have the first training from Osnium. This will be a 90-minute webinar covering Data Entry in OS-soft. This webinar will explore all the parts of the database and is applicable for all staff who might be using the database including advocates.
  • The week of February 4th will be our second webinar (also 90-minutes). This will cover Administrative Functions and Reporting in OS-soft. This session will be applicable to Database Administrators, Executive Directors, and/or whoever will be managing the database from your organization. You will get to learn how you can add and manage your staff’s logins to the database, how to build FLEX reports, and how to run the HARDWIRED Custom Reports.
  • Tentatively: The last week of March will have two trainers from Osnium coming from Canada to Oregon to train us in person. This will likely involve two people from each agency and will be held in a computer lab yet to be determined. More information will be coming.
  • As the final wave of training, I will be available via phone, internet, or by visit to work with your team in your roll out. Osnium will teach the software and I will give you guidance on how we envision you using it in your agency.

If you did not sign up to receive the Osnium database software:

  • You will receive the Excel Comma Delimited (CSV) template files for the reports in early-to-mid January. You will need to have your database expert make sure that your present database will create a CSV file to match these templates. If you don’t have someone modify your reports yourself you will then have to type the stats into a copy of the CSV file to submit each reporting period for DHS and DOJ. There will be more coming on this.
  • If you use Service Point with Multnomah County, they will be taking care of this process for you.
  • If you are having second thoughts about signing up for Osnium, it isn’t too late. We do have some extra licenses available to assign.

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