Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2019

This October, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), we are pleased to announce our campaign of Spark Hope Ignite a Movement! 

Historically and currently we are in a time when survivors are breaking their silence, they are breaking their isolation and demanding change. Collectively, we need a clear message about the impact of domestic violence on our communities.  

Let’s raise awareness this month and act:  
Believe survivors/victims.
Support healing & resilience.
Build community.
Show respect.
Encourage equality.
Advocate for equity.
Share peace.
Share power.
Change policies and systems.
Leverage your privilege.
Engage your community to Spark Hope Ignite a Movement

Are you planning community awareness events for DVAM? Please submit info about your events for us so we can signal-boost your great work. 

Visit the CALENDAR OF EVENTS here!

Coalition member programs will receive posters and other campaign materials by mail in October (these resources will also be made available on this page shortly) . We will also be releasing 2 mailings throughout the month containing events happening throughout Oregon and additional resources for supporting survivors and educating communities.

Download and/or view DVAM 2019 graphics here!
Download the Governor’s Proclamation of DVAM here!

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