Meet the Membership: Marta’s House/Klamath Crisis Center

What are you excited about and proud of with your organization? What are some goals you hope to achieve?

Education is the key to ending domestic and sexual violence within our community. Community awareness, social accountability and change all stem from education. Marta’s House is committed to making sure that our community has access to the most update information and education. Our Education/Outreach Coordinator has been working hard to bring awareness to the community for over 6 years specifically in presenting in Domestic and Sexual Violence, Trafficking and other forms of abuse.

Marta’s House brought the “Start By Believing” campaign to Klamath County in 2014, this campaign focuses on believing the victim from the time they walk in the door to the time we complete services with them.

Our current project is developing the Klamath County Trafficking Task Force which consists of a collaborations of local community partners with the same interest of bringing awareness to Human Trafficking. We will continue our efforts to make our community informed and accountable.

If your organization was a band, what band would it be and why?

We are more like The New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra-Classically trained, that takes precise levels of coordination with intricate levels of interrelatedness, required to execute service delivery to such a large geographical region with limited resources.

Longest employed staff at your organization

Name: Wanda Powless
Title: Executive Director, 23 years
Comfort food: peanut butter
Favorite quote: “Help me understand.”
What drives them: the importance of social justice work and serving victims

Staff pets:
Mama Cat, a long haired black cat
Fun fact about Mama Cat: Mama cat has picked Marta’s house to be home and she makes her present known to everyone who enters shelter. Mama cat is taken care of by the shelter participants, in reality she takes care of them. She provides them with support and unconditional love and staff has been informed by participants that she knows when they are said and shows them extra love.


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