Osnium in April (or April in Osnium?)

It’s April and things have really ramped up with the Osnium OS-soft rollout. At this point there are three things that you need to be on top of to ensure your experience with the new database goes as smoothly as possible. Hopefully you have installed Osnium at your agency and have started to enter data so that you can learn the new database’s ins and outs. As we press forward, here are the things you need to be aware of and do.

  1. Install OS-soft and start entering your data. If you haven’t installed it yet, you need to as soon as possible. Osnium has been great about supporting the agencies who have needed help and they are available to you too. You have 8 hours of support for 2019 for your agency. An hour appointment will get you up and running.
  2. Make sure to log into the Osnium Rollout Q&A Chat Group in Chatter once a week. There are many good topics being discussed and great questions being answered. The best thing about this group is finding out there are questions being discussed that you may not realize you have yet. Check with Vanessa Willard if you need access to this group.

In closing don’t stress out, we are all learning. The dates for starting to report out with Osnium have been moved back to the July 1st – September 30th quarter, so we have time to get up to speed and get the wrinkles out. Let me know how you’re doing and feel free to ask questions. We are committed to helping you make Osnium OS-soft a success.

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