Flexible fund for survivors

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence is establishing a flexible fund for survivors of domestic and sexual violence throughout the state. 

About the problem

Fleeing an abusive situation and reestablishing a safe, independent life can be extremely difficult. In addition to inflicting physical and emotional trauma, many perpetrators of abuse isolate their victims from support networks, restrict access to finances, and may even sabotage employment opportunities, all with the goal of maintaining power and control. As a result, when survivors are able to flee an abuser, they often have only the clothes on their backs. Meanwhile, expenses for housing, transportation, child care, medical care, etc. continue to accrue. 

About the fund

Proceeds collected from the Jacksons Food Stores holiday dove campaign and generous individual contributions will all help establish and sustain the flexible fund for survivors.

Once established, funds may be requested by survivors of abuse through their local community-based domestic and sexual violence advocacy program

Individual grants are not currently available.

We are in the process of establishing this fund. Grants will be made available to survivors once the fund is at a sustainable level.