We regularly convene several cross-disciplinary groups to learn from one another and coordinate community-wide anti-violence efforts. Learn more and join us at our next meeting!

Aspiring White Allies of Oregon (AWAO) >>

The intention of this workgroup is to provide a space for accountability and processing for folks who benefit from white privilege as we collectively strive to engage in anti-oppression and efforts to dismantle racism.

Communities of Color Task Force (CCTF) >>

The purpose of CCTF is to generate community awareness, response and commitment – through prevention, education, advocacy, and leadership – to all domestic and sexual violence survivors of color throughout the state of Oregon, regardless of citizenship or legal status.

Faith Leaders Resource Sharing Group >>

The Faith Leaders Resource Sharing Group is a multidisciplinary group that shares resources and best practice at the intersection of faith communities and the DV/SA system.

Management Workgroup>>

This is a new workgroup focused on connecting folks across the state who are providing S/DV services as a manager.

Healthcare Advocate Workgroup >>

The Healthcare Advocate workgroup is focused on connecting advocates across the state who are providing services at the intersections of S/DV and healthcare. 

IPV and Healthcare Policy Workgroup >>

This is a new workgroup focused on connecting folks across the state who are working at the intersections of IPV and Healthcare Policy.

People of Color (POC) Caucus >>

The POC Caucus is a multidisciplinary work group that is for folks who identify as a person of color. The POC group meets to discuss topics that will empower them to provide equitable services to survivors, advocates, and communities of color that are marginalized within domestic and sexual violence advocacy work. 

Prevention Workgroup >>

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence will be hosting a new workgroup focused on violence prevention. This will be a space to share resources, discuss prevention efforts, and collaborate with other prevention folks from across Oregon. 

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Advocate Workgroup >>

The PREA group’s primary goal will be to offer a safe sharing space for advocates to discuss their experiences and learn from others engaged in similar work. 

Queer Caucus >>

The queer caucus gathers LGBTQIA advocates across Oregon for regular meetings, peer support, and collaborative projects to further our work.