Public testimony in opposition to Oregon Ballot Measure 105

This statement was published in the November 6, 2018 Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet. The text is reformatted below for legibility.

Argument in Opposition

Preserving Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law is a matter of public safety, and it is essential for crime survivors’ protection, safety, and healing.

That is why crime survivor advocates are voting No on Measure 105.

Our public safety system and the communities they serve must be able to respond to crime, hold people appropriately accountable, and take steps to prevent crime. Throwing out our anti-racial profiling law would undermine these safeguards and compromise our communities’ security.

Oregon’s current law protects crime victims because it allows people who have experienced trauma or witnessed violence to access the justice system without fearing arrest, deportation, or racial profiling.

Measure 105 would prevent crime survivors from reporting crime committed against them. When victims are in fear of the justice system, they are less safe, they miss out on essential trauma recovery services, and their voices are silenced.

Measure 105 would create fear for witnesses who want or need to testify about a crime. Community safety requires community-wide support. To ensure that people are held appropriately responsible for the harm they cause, reporting is key. We must protect witnesses’ safety, not penalize them for simply being a bystander.

Measure 105 would put public safety at risk. Our communities are safer when local dollars are invested in local crime prevention and survivor services. Crime victim resources are scarce enough, and we need more access to critical services, not less. Measure 105 would funnel our local law enforcement toward responding to federal immigration issues, diverting local dollars away from critical services that people need in moments of crisis.

Oregon’s sanctuary status is essential for public safety, for crime victims’ protection, and for survivors’ healing. We urge you to vote No on Measure 105.

Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors In Service
Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force
Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Partnership for Safety and Justice

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