Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2018

The days are growing shorter, the radiant sun giving way to the brisk breezes of fall, and once again Domestic Violence Awareness Month approaches. We are pleased to be partnering with the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) to promote the Awareness + Action = Social Change campaign.

Are you planning community awareness events for DVAM? Please submit info about your events for us so we can signal-boost your great work. 

Coalition member programs will receive posters, stickers, and other campaign materials by mail before October (these resources will also be made available on this page shortly) . We will also be releasing weekly mailings throughout the month containing events happening throughout Oregon and additional resources for supporting survivors and educating communities.

Some ways you can take action

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Domestic violence is not always physical – It also includes sexual, financial, emotional, or psychological abuse.

Learn more about domestic violence
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Gifts of money and time help domestic violence shelters and advocacy programs empower survivors to escape abuse and reestablish their self-determination. 

Find a local program
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Participate in an awareness event; hang up our posters in your home, workplace, and place of worship; confront victim-blaming attitudes in your everyday life; teach children to respect the choices and boundaries of others…

Other ways to get involved


If the file download widget (below) isn’t working, click here to download campaign materials directly.

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